Ep. 12 | 2019 & The 10’s Wrapped Part 2 | Who is Kevin Bacon, #YoutubeIsOver + Meme of the Decade - It's Not Just Me Podcast

Episode 12

Ep. 12 | 2019 & The 10’s Wrapped Part 2 | Who is Kevin Bacon, #YoutubeIsOver + Meme of the Decade

Published on: 15th December, 2019
Part 2: The 2010's are almost over so today we take a look back at the decade that completely shifted the landscape of the entertainment industry with the rise of social media and tech companies changing the way that we consume everything. We will discuss the greatest moments, albums, rap beefs, memes and more from these past years as well as make some predictions for the future in this 2 part end of the decade wrap-up episode. Timestamps: Jay The Great on the call-in (00:24) 2020 Coachella headliner predictions (10:26) Spotify releases 2019 wrapped & The Decade wrapped (14:41) What Hip Hop Biopic’s should be made in the next decade? (18:38) Tech companies changed the way we listen to music and a live venue conglomerate forms (23:15) The Rap Beef We Wanted But Never Got (24:37) Summer Walker does not sing on couches (30:00) Meme of the Decade (38:05) Creators need to beware of YouTube and the new COPPA rules (38:49) Where were you when Beyonce dropped the surprise digital album “Beyonce”? (48:16) 2020 way too early album of the year candidates (63:27)
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