Ep. 29 | In WEHO With YOHO (feat. Step Brothas Podcast) @LaBreaTowers - It's Not Just Me Podcast

Episode 29

Ep. 29 | In WEHO With YOHO (feat. Step Brothas Podcast) @LaBreaTowers

Published on: 15th March, 2020
On this special episode of It’s Not Just Me the guys are officially on the road in Los Angeles working on season 1 of Higher Learning and linked up with Steph & Ken from Step Brothas Podcast @LaBrea Tower in WEHO to chop it up about what races of women we are attracted to the most, physical signals or indicators that tell you if she’s a freak, and bidet’s. Coronavirus takes fears to a new level as Major Sports Leagues shut down and opens up a new hustle involving toilet paper. We discuss DaBaby’s recent legal troubles, RayJ and Princess love catching another lick, new music from Kehlani, Cousin Stizz, Lil Uzi Vert and does letting your girl ride you till you…well “finish” make you the bi*ch? And all kinds of other sh*t.
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