Ep. 9 | So “Driving The Boat” Isn’t A Sex Move? - It's Not Just Me Podcast

Episode 9

Ep. 9 | So “Driving The Boat” Isn’t A Sex Move?

Published on: 1st December, 2019
On this weeks episode the guys celebrate Omarion as the illest guy in America after the announcement that shook the internet, as well as new music From Griselda, Fabulous, The Game, Kehlani & more. We dig into how the media can sway the perception of the audience and Kyrie Irving has a meltdown after he was boo'd at a game he didn't even attend. Summer Walker got smoke for whoever wants we discuss navigating the Holidays' at your girls family house and I just found out that "Driving The Boat" was not a cool sex move.
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